How do I ask the guy with whom I hooked up this weekend out?

so, this weekend i had sex with this guy. we're from the same class in college but never had much contact with each other, turns out we met at a party and ended up coming to my place together. we had great sex and i would like to see him again, but i'm a bit embarrassed about asking him out. how do you think i should do it?
(we texted a bit the day after and he said "thanks for the night :)" with a cute emoji but that was pretty much it. he left his underwear at my place by the way so i should probably return it anyway, maybe i could use that as an excuse? or maybe i shouldn't do this at all?)


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  • Ask him out in person if you expect to see him in person this week. Otherwise, ask him out by text message so you're not waiting around too long. Don't use an excuse, just be clear about what you want :)

  • Just tell him


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