Does the guy have to say I love you first?

I've been dating this guy off and on for about a year... It's been emotionally exhausting because I have trust issues and he's had family issues. However, I've always been the one to walk away. So this last time we stopped talking for longer than usual. During this time I was working on my trust issues. I came back to him and he excepted me with open arms, as per usual... But his lack of communication has caused me to once again back away from him. He keeps telling me that all I do is come in and out of his life, even though I feel like he's the cause of it, and I feel like I keep coming back because I'm really in love with him and can't let him go...
Would it be a mistake to tell him how I feel?
  • Yes, because you've been back and forth too much
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  • No, because he needs to know
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  • i would be glad if any girl initiate first in my case... but i dont think so that you should initiate first, just give him obvious hints

    • Well thank you... But I don't think me constantly walking away from him is an obvious hint that I love him unfortunately

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