Is sex after marriage a good idea?

Im an atheist and i have random rules for certain religions that i believe. And the Catholic sin. Sex before marriage. I dont care about sins or loss of virginity i just think its a good idea to wait. I was talking to a friend who is a girl and lesbo. And she said *you better tap her before she leaves you* I don't know it kinda got to my head bc one good look at my girlfriend and you'd know she's outa my league. Im not asking if i should or shouldn't have sex. Im asking if the wait is worth it?


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  • You should have sex but not left and right. If you really find that person that you feel like you’re compatible with in every other way other than sex, you should have sex. There are many risk factors such as STDs and chances of pregnancy and the list goes on. You want to have sex with someone who is fit enough to carry your genes to the next generation for long periods of time. So yes the wait is worth it, but it doesn’t have to be before marriage. That was you can figure out if you’re sexually compatible ( although that’s bulshit because you can teach your partner how to satisfy you with time. This excuse is for people who have no patient and want things handed over to them).

    • I completely agree with you. The last 2 sentences are my thoughts exactly.

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    • I didn’t pay attention to your age

    • Lol ah. XD normally people focus on my age. Tell me stuff like. *you will understand when your older* lol infact these comments have been the most helpful outa all my questions on here.

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  • Yes, the wait is worth it. Sometimes keeping your distance makes you more desirable.
    I don't think a good man takes pleasure in a woman he doesn't take responsibility for, and I don't think a couple has a healthy relationship when they make sex a priority.

    • I think its a good idea to wait. Thanks for your opinion helps a lot.

    • Correction: I don't think a couple has a healthy relationship when they PREMATURELY and DISPROPORTIONATELY make sex a priority.

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  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to wait in my opinion. I’d rather know whether or not I’m sexually compatible with a person before I commit my entire life to them.

    • Yeah but what if you have sex and they leave you? wouldn't that hurt?

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    • I already said, I don't care who wants or doesn't want to get married. I just find it silly that people trying to get their dicks wet are trying so hard to come up with pseudologic for why it's a better idea than waiting for the optimal time and place.
      In response to your comment, I would just end up repeating everything I've already said.

    • So is that a no on the scientific evidence? I was looking forward to reading it.

      Just to clarify, I also said that it doesn't matter one way or the other. My original comment was in relation to my own situation. I wasn't speaking on behalf of the general populous. Also, who ever said anything about "waiting for the optimal time and place". What an absolutely subjective frame of reference. Who decides that?

      The way I see it, there is no need to justify having sex. I don't know who decided that having sex was suddenly the wrong option. People should have sex when they feel ready to do so. Beyond that, I've yet to see any real scientific research to suggest that its detrimental to ones health, provided people take the absolutely basic safety precautions.

  • It really depends on what you're waiting for.
    For me, it was about proving that sex is worthless without love and passion. I truly believe when you have a connection with another person-- a deep understanding-- that not only is it better, but it's more meaningful.
    When you're committed to another person, you're going to be more willing to try things that are outside of your comfort zone because trust has been established.
    Not to mention, you can explore your sexuality without any of the negative consequences of casual sex.
    You will also lose yourself in your partner-- meaning, it becomes less about what pleases you, but rather what pleases them.
    Don't get me wrong. Sex is great, but making love is spiritual (I use that non-religiously).
    Some people can't handle it, but it is worth it.

    • Any questions?

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    • Okay my final decision is to wait, but if the time comes Eariler then marriage thats alright. Thank you lel a lot of comments on a simple post. Or more like a lot of comments on other comments on a post.

    • Glad to help you out. It's always going to be your own decision. When you know, you'll know. :)

  • Yes it is
    My church we believe that you should only have sex when you are married


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  • No, waiting until after marriage is a horrible idea. What if you're sexually incompatible?

    • No offense, But how much do you get laid? Lol your profile pic tells me not often. But your opinion does help, thank you.

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    • I mean I'm not going to debate it with you. Good luck with whatever you decide!

    • The sexually incompatible argument gets copied and pasted all over the internet, but it is an extremely weak line of reasoning and holds absolutely no water. It is most people's best attempt at classifying sex before marriage as an intellectually good idea when, in reality, it is absolutely not.
      As a human male with an existent sex drive, I more than understand the urge and the desire to have sex. But I'm not gonna pretend that that's anything except my hormones talking. I'll put it this way: I could find you many people who screwed up their life by having sex. Find me someone who legitimately screwed up their life by waiting on sex. Until then, get out of here with all this pseudoloogic about sexual incompatibility.

  • Are you really 14?


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