I like this girl but she lives 30 mins away I have no car and transportation doesn't get me where I need to go. She likes me too What should I do?

I'm 18. This girl and I like each other but aren't dating. We have both agreed that I wait until she is ready for a relationship. We're keeping it casual atm. My mum kinda has expectations of what girlfriend I should have. For example, she says get someone who has a big family and such. Her expectations aren't my expectations. She is kind of controlling when it comes to me getting into a relationship or dating someone. What should I do?


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  • Does the Girl have any way to get to you?

    • Kinda. In between us. There's this shopping centre called the hyper dome.

    • Now with my mums preference of a girlfriend. How would I get around that?

    • That is something to worry about later on. First Focus on spending time with the Girl you like.

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