How do you know when a guy is only with you until he finds better? Or think he found better?

My best friends first boyfriend, out of nowhere, just chose to be with another girl over her. She saw the girl post a picture of the two of them together. She sent him messages breaking up with him but he didn’t even respond and when he finally did respond his excuse was that he didn’t need to be in a relationship right now and that God knew what he needed in his life. She told him that that was just his way of choosing that girl over her and he lied and said he wasn’t choosing anyone he just needed to get himself together and not be in a relationship for a while. Just for him to be lying, he really was with her. No explanation. Didn’t tell her what she did wrong. She’s attractive and youthful looking. Lost her virginity to him. Paid for things because he didn’t have a job because that’s just who she was. She was a sweet girl, she had her insecurities but because that wasn’t the first time he was caught cheating. Other times were text, but still. Now it’s been almost a year and he’s been hitting her up ever since, all while still with that girl. They even live together. They Take a bunch of pictures together, but he still Contacts my friend. Trying to catch up, flirting, being sexual. Guys are confusing.
And weeks after the break up he was all telling her “I don’t like thinking about what I did to you because I know I did something wrong.” But he said that because after the break up, he still had something of hers and was trying to keep it and she wouldn’t let him.


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  • You will never no... he is a selfish person only thinking about himself and his life... try to find a guy with a good manners... we should think about the effects of his actions and words on the others... I hope your friend find another one better than him

    • Yea I agree. She kept thinking it was her and that the girl he chose was better when really I don’t think it has anything to do with her or the girl he chose I just think he’s a selfish person who could care less about other people’s feelings that’s all.

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