How can I tell someone that I don’t like them anymore when they can’t take the hint?

So I’ve been talking to this woman for over a year and a half now. At first it was just a sexual thing but as time went on she she got attached to me. But anyway for the last few months she keeps telling me that she has no one to care for here nor any family. I just can’t take the clingyness anymore. Plus she keeps saying she’s afraid she might die soon even though she’s not sick. So what do I do to get out of this relationship?
Well I broke up with that girl and she still can’t take a hint. She thinks that my roommate that we kicked out about a week and a half ago managed to break in and take us hostage and she keeps telling me that she’s calling the FBI to look for me.


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  • If she doesn't take the hint then you have no choice but to be direct.
    When you do from that point on you have to follow through on what you said, in other words don't say something then feel guilty after she does her best to make you feel responsible.
    It's not easy think about what you're going to say, then say what you mean and mean what you say.
    She sounds like a weak person who counts on you for survival, or she knows what she's doing and is playing you bc she can.

    • I know she’s a weak person but like I said she guilt trips people

    • I know it's not easy, she's trying to make you feel sorry for her, anyone who does that isn't doing something right, she's not your responsibility although she wants you to believe she is, by you feeding into her nonsense isn't helping her gain strength it's doing more harm than good.
      I'm not trying to sound cold or in any way saying it's easy for you to break away, it's probably one of the most difficult things you'll ever have to do. In order for you to have your own life back that's the only thing you can do, and have faith everything in the end will work out for the both of you.

    • But the thing is, this is a long distance relationship and also she believes that she’ll die if she doesn’t have anyone to help her

  • You tell her how you feel.


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