What to do when you actually start to like someone you met on Tinder?

TLTR; I’m starting to develop feelings for this guy and I’m scared.

I’m not good at dating. It’s never been my strong suit. I’m 24 and a first date conissour but not much else.

I’ve been seeing this guy for about a month and he made me dinner last night. It was a really great night. We had curry, watched Star Wars, and spent most of the night talking about silly stuff and serious stuff.

Up until this point I was kind of on the fence with how I felt. Last night though, as I left and we said goodnight, all I wanted him to do was kiss me. It didn’t happen, but I think that was the moment I realized I actually like this guy. And that scares the shit out of me, because when I usually develop feelings the guy in question doesn’t feel the same way back.


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  • What you fear is that your feelings might be unrequited. So what. Not every quarter played in a slot machine ends up spilling coins. Learn to enjoy the process. The outcome will be what it will be.

  • l would never use tinder or that filthy snapsex


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