Why did he avoid the question?

I have a guy friend. We have tried dating but he is afraid of commitment so we broke up & remained as friends. I’m OK being just friends & have now found someone who I am in a relationship with. But the other day me & my guy friend were joking around with some other friends & one of my other friends said my guy friend looked jealous when I hugged my boyfriend in front of him. I didn’t think he did but my friend said yes, definitely looked jealous. So I asked my guy friend if he still had any feelings for me because I know once before he felt something & if that’s the case, I don’t want to cause him any upset. But he avoided the question about having feelings & instead answered ‘nothing will happen between us again’. Does his answer mean he has no feelings? Or is he referring to the fact I have a boyfriend so nothing will happen?


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  • It doesn’t matter. Thinking you can stay friends is a very unhealthy pipe dream. It prevents one from moving on and causes problems with future relationships

    • He was the one who said he didn’t want me. I moved on. It’s a genuine friendship so I’m not going to give up on being his friend because most people do that to him & I’m determined I won’t abandon him when so many have before.

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    • So you think if I didn’t have a boyfriend he would have said yes to my question?

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  • It means he definitely has feelings. I recommend that you be careful with how you act with him. Try not so do anything that he can view as being flirty to him. I had a very similar situation and it ended terribly and me and the guy friend are no longer friends. It turned out he thought I was leading him on and toying with him and flirting when I never really was. I guess that's just my personality. But I just wanted to share it so that you know so you can hopefully avoid making the same mistake I did.


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