Awkward date conversation?

I went out with this guy i've been texting for year and was just super nervous.
I feel like I was quiet for most of the time. We've been walking for 3 hours he was showing me places and stuff but I just didn't know what to talk about so I was giving short answers and smiled like an idiot. He said it's better then he thought cuz i prepared him for that. Also smiled a lot.
In the end he said he had nice time and wanna go out again and then texted me after 10 minutes (just a random message).
How do I know he actually liked me and if he was disappointed or not? What do i talk about next time what do i ask when i ' know ' him for a year now? HOW DO GIRLS TALK WITH BOYS? I really want chill and talk about random things but I just don't know how. :(


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  • What ever you find interesting or curious abiyt him. Ask.

    Qualify him and make sure y'all have something in common.
    Movies, cartoons, childhood memories, etc.

    Jokes and teasing. Make fun of him or tease him about something he told you he did wrong.
    Say he said tripped and fell at his graduation. Then say "i was running on track once and i made sure one foit was infront of the other cause i didn't want to pull a ( his name)

    Observe and share. What have seen in your life that want to share. Maybe he chews like cow, maybe you notice you are happier with him than you thought. Share.


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  • What do want to know about him that you don't know already?

    He definitely seems interested.

    One Thing I discuss on a date is where she's traveled and would like to travel. See if that works.

  • If he said he wanted to go out again, and said he had a good time, then texted you again, it's reasonable to think he liked you. It seems that many people are so good at texting, but have never learned how to talk with people.

  • Why must you talk about random things? That is a wasted effort. You can talk about a topic of mutual interest and go from there.

  • Well as long as you hangout more often the awkwardness will go away


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