Why guys suddenly stop texting to you but still reply if you text them?

I met this guy a month ago, we hooked up & hangout couple times, 3 weeks ago he left back to his country for good and I said I'll visit him.

He still texted me almost everyday after that but suddenly last week he stopped texting me. First he said "whats up with you? Dont wanna chat anymore?" So I said he was the one who didn't text me and he said its because I only wanted to party, fun and hook up. He don't reply anymore after that. So i deleted his contact (my profile picture won't be visible to him anymore)

If i text him on facebook he still reply but always left me hanging, i texted him again today and he replied and said he's sick. I try to joke asking if he needs hook up and he doesn't reply.

What is happening to him? Should I say anything?


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  • Of what I can read I guess he sees you as a single hookup and nothing more than that. I think you shouldn't text him anymore in this situation. I don't want to sound rude. But you tried the best you can and if he's not interested or doesn't text back it's his loss. If he's interested he will text you back later when he misses you.

    If you have other questions just send me a message :-)

    • Thanks but im still confused, if he really see me just hook up, why did he complain about my party habit and seem not happy, even accuse me as a girl who only wants to party, fun and hook up? I also told him to get back on his dating apps to find new girl in his city but he said I was crazy to say that shit to him, and he thinks I dont consider him important. Does it mean something?

    • No, I don't think it means anything. You can ask him what you can do better in the future. But I think he just sees you as a person he can whine and complain to.

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