New to girls, dunno what to do?

As of late I have been frequenting a pub in search of a mate, having never had sex or dated before, I have no idea what to do.

A month ago while at work, my female co-worker told me her freind was single and looking for a mate, so I thought to myself “Hmm an opportunity has popped up”, my co-worker gave me a few small tidbits of information on her, some include she LOVES intimacy (not quite sure what she means there), she has a fear of swimming (dunno why, although I have a fear of heights)
and is so loyal, she stayed with her previous boyfreinds who cheated on her a year after he started cheating on her (that to me sounded like she either had no clue or she was very clingy, or she was hopefull that her previous boyfreind would stop cheating and continue to be loyal), so we met at the pub, she introduced me to her freind (whom dressed quite appropriately for the setting and situation), and we hit it off, somewhat, to me it felt a little slow going, but i feel thats typical, I asked her out to which she said “I would love to go out with you”, I dunno what protocol is for a first date so can anyone give me any advice, hints, tips, things to be alert for?


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  • Which country are you in?

    • Austria.

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    • Hmm special, would a candlelight dinner be considered special.

    • Among other things, yes, but save that great idea for the next date if this one goes well

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