Girls, Big Feet or Big Hands = big? are any of these correlations true you think?

Do you think any of the stereotypes like big feet and big hands equal a big penis are true? I hear a lot of different theories but it just sounds silly... another one i heard was the closer a guys index finger to his middle finger, the longer his penis. Fat guys are smaller? I am 6"4 so very tall but my penis is average at 4.5", but i guess i have small hands though... tall and short is another one... thoughts?


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  • 4.5 is a small penis...

    • that wasn't the question, but thanks. Its average.

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    • average is more like a range not 1 size

    • Average is 5.1" +/- 0.5" standard deviation.

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  • Big hands = Big gloves

    Big feet = Big shoes

    Anything else is just coincidence


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  • Well, it's true with me, I'm 6'7" tall, size 19 shoes, and so gloves dont fit. A better test for penis size comparison though is to compare the length of the fingers. Men with ring fingers longer then their index fingers had a higher does of testosterone in eutero, which has been shown to directly correspond to a larger penis size.

  • Dunno, Iā€™m 6ā€™, size 11, 8ā€ hands, and 6.5ā€


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