Girls, have you ever kicked a guy in the nuts? if so WHYYY?

If so why? i hate how some girls think its ok in situations other than self defence...
Do you not realise how much it hurts us?
I hate having this weakness... i dont know why god put our balls between our legs but i want to punch him lol


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  • Girls will only kick in self defence. It may not be in the nuts. There are other places. For a guy, just do not get in a confrontation. There are a lot of people, girls and guys, that will have the knowledge that a preemptive strike is best for self defence.

    • A guys nuts are outside the main body for a reason.

    • why, so woman can kick them? lol

    • They work better at lower temperatures. That is why tight underwear is not recommended. Anything that increases their temperature, or reduces the blood flow to them, means they produce less sperm.

  • I did it once for self defence. Besides that I never did it intentionally, but sadly I'm clumsy enough that it happened a few times while fooling around with my boyfriend 😅😅 like not paying attention on where my knee goes.

  • In Krav Maga practice. It was my second practice, and I actually aimed elsewhere, but I missed... (Also, he moved! Yeah, he was hot supposed to stand still, but still...)
    He was supposed to wear a cup!!! I was sure he was wearing a cup, until the actual kick, and I felt hitting something soft 😶

    Poor guy


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