Everything has changed?

I dont know what to feel and what to do. Things are just going down south real quick and im just watching it all crumble to pieces. I used to want marriage with her. At some point i gained the courage to ask her to marry me. She said yes and i felt like the happiest man alive. Then about 3 days after the marriage license was picked up, she got mad about me staying over time. When i got home, she told me that i can never keep my word about my times, truth is i have a set schedule but i know i will never have an 8 hr shift. They will always be 10hrs plus.

So i got home after work and she began accusing me of cheating and not being true to my word. She then told me that the marriage was cancelled and that it meant "shit" to her. I must be honest, this hurt so i did as she asked due to the fact that she proceeded to ignore me the day after telling me that. I returned all rings and cancelled all plans.

Now she is back on the topic of marriage but i am now scared to proceed. I am having seconds thoughts on it now and dont know if it is okay to be this way. What usually crosses my mind is having to go through the process again of purchasinf some rings, make plans and just to be shut down. I am really trying to avoid that feeling again but now she just won't stop talking about marriage. She said that she is tired of being only my "live in girlfriend" and that she would much rather be a nobody if i dont want to marry her. I love her but i am just trying to avoid a horrible feeling. What do i do? Please help me with this predicament.


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  • It doesn’t really seem like either of you are ready for marriage, yes she’s behaved terribly and could have communicated that she had issues with your work schedule if that’s what her problem was - but you cancelling an entire wedding over an argument is also a snap reaction.
    If you still want to be in a relationship with this girl then Le arn to communicate with each other and talk instead of letting things fester and snap before even looking at marriage - but discuss that with her. That marriage isn’t off the table but that you want to be on solid foundations to avoid the issues you had last time


What Guys Said 2

  • wow, what a bi-polar nut job. DO NOT MARRY HER!!!
    here is what is going to happen. She is shit testing you and if you marry her, you are as good and done. She will walk all over you all the time.

    Women want to ride the cock carousel until their baby rabies kick in. Then they want to find a good provider male otherwise know as the "Nice guy"who will get her a house and good genes for her offspring. Then she will get tired of the provider male and the boring domestic life and kick you out. divorce you and use big daddy government to force you to continue to pay for the house, alimony, child support, and since she is frumpy now, she will move in her new fuck boy and he will live in your house, and raise your kids. You are just the lucky bastard who gets to pay for it all.

    Check out Redpill and Mgtow online and learn from the life lessons of other men.

  • l would not marry her as it will only get worse


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