I'm a 30M that currently/temp lives at home. Will be making $80K in a year, will my girlfriend judge me?

A little bit of background. I'm sort of dating this girl that's way younger than me, 22 to be exact. We're long distance and she doesn't know I live at home with my family right now meanwhile I finish my graduate degree and yet she wants to come and visit. I can get a hotel, but I'm wondering if she'll judge me for it.

Now, how did it come to be this way? Well, I was actually formerly very successful, I was on scholarship and lived alone for many years. But I wasn't satisfied with my career path so I changed fields completely and started over. Lost everything, scholarship and all. I knew it would happen and I had a plan to get back on my feet and I am. In a year from now I'll be making excellent money (already have a guaranteed job) and of course, won't be in this situation. My mom at the time was having health and financial troubles and offered me to move back in and the rent was cheaper than I'd have found anyway and it would've also have helped her. So I agreed as paying for my graduate degree completely out of pocket was pretty expensive.

So anyway, she wants to come down and visit me and I don't know how to tell her that I've at home because, I'm a little embarrassed and feel perhaps she'll judge me. Obviously, I'd get a hotel while she was here. I'm in the process of perhaps getting a job at the moment which should pay me well enough to move out but, I don't know, I don't feel I should do that just to not get judged.

Ladies, what's you opinion on this? Men, how would you go about mentioning this?


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  • If she does, you should get rid of her


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  • You should be judged.

    Normally, a 30 yo living at home is a problem. If you really did help your mom out (and your dad isn't around), then that can change the equation. If you owned the house and you let your mom stay with you, then that would probably be a winner in most books.

    $80k is not "excellent" money unless you live in the boondocks. For having a graduate degree, it is a disappointment.

    Just talk it over with her. She is pretty naive if she hasn't asked you about your living situation already.


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  • Totally, that's sooooooo embarrasing


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