What does the word “dating”mean to you?

I’ve found people using “dating”to mean while they’re seeing someone, they’re technically still single and free to sleep around until they slap the exclusive and committed label on.

Then there’s “dating” when you’re in an actual relationship with someone, and you’re dating them. I’ve always gone with this latter definition before... maybe I’m just outdated and out of touch (and I have mostly conservative friends).

The first time I read about the first definition (which is the norm now it seems) threw me off and confused me. I’ve seen people talk about dating and having friends with benefits at the same exact time, and it sort of seems like relationships and love have become really convoluted and messy these days. Some people can handle it, great. But it makes it seem like real love and monogamy is impossible to find with people wanting a taste of everything at once.
I know I’m generalizing a bit with this post, but when you see so many questions from people who confuse feelings in relationships like friends with benefits, etc., it gets disheartening.


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  • I must be even MORE outdated. ;- ) Dating is the meeting of two people with the (assumed) goal of exploring each other's feelings, responses, and general suitability as a spouse. (Save the sleeping for after the ceremony.)


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  • Going out to dinner and a movie with a female that I'm attracted to and giving her a kiss on the cheek after

  • It means some kind of penitence.

  • Slavery


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