Is he into me or just being friendly?

I like a boy, so I started talking to him. The way it went: we talked for a couple days and I didn't sense any interest from him, so I told him to be honest and he said he just wanted to be friends. Then, a little later we were both working a school dance, and he kept eyeballing me all night, made jokes that I was flirting with a guy, and after the event texted me saying he does have feelings for me-just confused. From there we started talking again, and flirting, planned a date, and he seemed really into me. However, a day before our date he said he thinks I'm super awesome, just not looking for anything because he's adjusting to stuff in life that has him in a bad spot, and he said he'd still be up to talking. Obviously I respect that, it's completely understandable, and I wasn't angry at him for that. Just, he started avoiding me at school, would look/walk the other way kind of avoiding. Though, today, when he had every opportunity to avoid me, it could've been easy, I didn't even notice him until I realized he was saying hi to me (his charming smile and a head nod). Also, at our club today he was just fine where he was, while normally he'd purposely move away from me, and he comfortably sat in front of me. According to a friend, and also myself noticing sometimes, he kept looking at me. Overall, I'm confused as frick and just wanna know any insight onto what's going on, and if I should even wait for him.

Thanks! Sorry for it being so long.


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