How do I get over this GODDAMN CRUSH?

OK! SO! In the summer I met this super cute guy at a summer job. I was immediately into him and flirted shamelessly (something I rarely do). He seemed to also respond (I wasn't sure if it was me just flirting one-sidedly so I consulted some friends who had seen us together and they all said we were both flirting like crazy). So we kept hanging out and flirting fro a few days. At one point I was talking to a very close guy friend and I mentioned that I liked this guy. Turns out, HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND. Mhmmmmmm. This sent my feeling into a mess. Our flirting had mostly been banter, and it was sort of how our friendship worked. So even when I tried, I still kept on flirting with him. Now, I thought this was pretty fuckboy-ish but he was such a sweet, funny guy that I somehow didn't seem to mind it and I COULDN'T GET OVER MY CRUSH!!! Now, I'm not a home-wrecker and I would never want to take part in cheating so it stayed as a platonic friendship.

A few months have passed and we still keep in contact and I can't seem to get over it. I'm OBSESSED. I'm literally always checking my phone to see if I've gotten messages and I have PICTURES of him in my phone!! ughh! I hate it! But at the same time I also love having a crush since it's been years since i felt like this. Still, I know it's not right and hope to get over him. Any tips or advice on how to do this?
Jesus, I sound like air supply. But fuck it, find it shallow or whatever, just help me get over this shit.


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  • Find another super cute guy at another summer job


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