How can I stop believing all men cheat?

Yes. I have been cheated on. Both of my exes cheated on me, and it was very painful. I have come to the point where I just expect a man will cheat on me. I cannot see why a man would want to stay loyal to me, and I am very afraid of being imperfect, because then it will give a man more reason to cheat on me. But, humans are imperfect. I want to believe that there are men who stay loyal. I am dating someone, and we have been together for 6 months. I sometimes get very anxious and worried he will cheat. I don’t try and express it though. How can i get over this?


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  • because you live in a society and culture full of hook up and sex free society. I am glad I dont live in that culture. Anyways not all men are like this...

    • It is not only my society that has cheaters.

    • sadly most guy just want sex and nothing else.

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  • There's 7 Billion people and there'll always be that one loyal guy, looking for the one. There's Billions of people, millions of single people Female, Male, Non-Binary etc. There will always be a one, you just have to commit and find one no matter how tough

  • We all cheat

  • Some can't even get laid how do you expect them to cheat?


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