What are your experiences with dating a beautiful woman?

I want to know the good and the bad those goes along with dating beautiful, sexy women. Do tell all. How does it make you feel when all eyes are on her when your walking down the street? How does it feel that a lot of guys wish they could date her or come on to her? Be honest and thanks for you input


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  • It feels good I’m dating an extremely beautiful Russian girl I meet in college and honestly it doesn’t bother me when she gets looked at she’s beautiful and I tell her everyday all those extra looks just make me feel even better about the choice I made to be with her knowing everyone else thinks she’s also fine af yet I’m the one fucking her at night 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • haven't dated any beautiful girl yet, do you consider yourself beautiful?

    • Awww, You will or what you consider beautiful in a woman. Yes I do.

    • some features/things in girls is extremely stunning like longer height, pinkish cheeks, attractive eyes, shyness, taller height etc.

  • PPM - Pay per meeting. Face fucking mostly.


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