Is my boyfriend a good guy?

Hung out with my boyfriend of 7 1/2 months. I'm very insecure and caught him glancing at this girl twice. But he does with everything, not all the time. Whenever I'm talking to him he focuses on me. He gets distracted (ADD) gets this energy out of nowhere. Is it normal for guys to glance at other women? My boyfriend is quite shy, But isn't shy around me no more. He drives an hour to see me, I thought distance was a problem for him so I said distance seems to be an issue and he said that we needed to see each other more. So we are planning to hang out more often. 2x a week at least. It was once a week. He always pays for me no matter where we go. He drives and picks me up from my house. And tells me I am the best thing that happened to him. I met his family and friends. He's also met mine. I really like him and love him. He says he loves me too. Calls me beautiful. It was an awkward date today not gonna lie. Should I open up to him about my insecurities? Do you think he might leave me?


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  • You're angry at him and he doesn't understand why. Looking at other women will happen. Some girl will probably walk up and bend over in front of him for money or attention. He wants you because you're you. Just try to be nice and don't withdraw more. He thinks you don't like him with the schedule change thing and back away.

    • What?

    • He may back away because he read your emotions during the last date and you were withdrawn. Just be nice and go see him.

  • Guys will glance at girls sometimes. They are naturally attract his attention. But he should not be staring or looking over and over. What he did was quite normal.

    • Perfect. He treats me so good. I just don't wanna over react and ruin a good guy ya know? I mean I catch guys glancing at me too (idk why lmfao)

  • If he truly wants to be with you no matter what he will understand open up to him you might be surprised on how much more interested in you he gets


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