How do I comfort him?

This guy I've been seeing is going through a rough patch.
He tells me that he's stressed and that he feels stuck. I tell him that maybe it'll be good for him to get away for a while, take the weekend off and spend some time outdoors doing things he likes, but he says he can't because he's broke.
I really don't know what to say, or if there is anything that could make him feel better?
What should I do? If this were you, how would you want to feel comforted?


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  • ask him directly what would help, or ask if he wants to talk about his problems, if you can help him tackle any of them that'll really help remove stress, taking away a negative instead of adding a positive.

  • Offer to take him to do those things? Directly ask if you can do anything to help and let him know you're there if he needs you.

  • He is broke just pay for this weekend, if he REALLY good catch...

    When he will start to say that no he does not like you to pay, tell him that he can give you money back or that you won this amazing trip (just make something up) and it is essentially free for him...


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