I love this guy and I keep breaking up with him and I don't know why?

I love him and never stopped loving him but, I keep breaking up with him and I wanna get better by asking him out again. I don't know if he will take me back. I feel shitty.. will he? (We are really close friends still)


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  • He probably will take you back, if you have done this numerous times and he has continued to say yes. However, you should take some time to improve yourself as a person. Maybe then, you won't feel the need to constantly break up with him. Best of luck :)

    • Thank you I mean.. this summer I've changed a lot. I'm learning to get baptized and I coped with my depression so I'm a happier person. I don't know. I feel horrible about it.

    • That is good to hear! It is up to you, make sure you are ready before you try again. Make it count!

    • Thank you!

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  • Why do you do it?

    • I don't know... i honestly don't and I regret it everytime I do

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  • He shouldn't. You playing to much games. Make up ur mind


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