Evil fake friend?

I have never met a human being like this. This girl faked a whole scenario. We went out one night and she knew where i was (i was at the toilet in the club cause i had to throw up). She then said to my other friend that i was at the party next door and she asked him to buy her tickets. She then saw me sitting on a bench and came yelling at me claiming they were looking for me (she knew where i was she saw me just 5 min ago). She then started to want to beat me up and making threats. She got into my face and my guy friend just stood by her and didn't even stand up for me. I cut her out of ny life because i have never been treated like this. The next day she came to me and said do u think its normal to behave like u did? i told her to fuck off and she called me a cold hearted bitch. Why would someone manipulate a whole situation like this and then start to threathen me?


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  • Is there even a need for finding that out? Just let her be. Lol world is full of such people. You just can't go thinking about whoever like her comes into your life.

    • yh but i did spend one year of my life hanging out with a girl like her

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    • but i already should have known... she had a criminal record for armed robbery...

    • I think she should be happy to having you think till now and that too this deep. Just forget about her. If you think that she's dangerous, just stay away.

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