Is my boyfriend gay?

My boyfriend took me to one of his work parties. A lot of the men at the party were either gay or bisexual.
The rest of the men were married to women.
And one point one of the men was mentioning a time when my boyfriend hosted a party at his house and slept in the same bed as him and that things got too ‘handsy’. The man who said this was married to a woman
He also asked if my boyfriend if he would host another bonfire party again
My boyfriend admitted that he shared a bed with that guy in the past but that nothing happened and he didn't like sharing the bed, but said it would be worse if he shared a bed with a girl. He said everyone had to share a bed at that party because there were no single beds.

Other times he claims that gay couples are checking him out. He tells me that on holiday once he stumbled accross a gay community where men were kissing. He told me that promiscuity is common in the gay community.

Thing is, he is so very affectionate with me. He is always wanting to cuddle and kiss me all the time. He gets aroused by me all the time, sometimes by just being near me sets it off. A single hug or kiss can cause him to get aroused. He tells me how much he loves me all the time, and says how lucky he has been to find me and that there is no girl like me

He also told me that when we go to a wedding together he wants to share a room with one of his guy friends and I will have a separate room on my own.

Does it seem like my boyfriend could be gay?


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