What are good topics when first starting to talk with someone you want to go out with?

I just started talking with someone i met on a dating site and we have talked briefly and it seems like we both like each other. i'm worried i might run out of things to talk about, any advice? Thanks


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  • Hmm.. what you dont wanna do is sound nervous. If you do that she'll bounce. If you find yourself running out of things to talk about, try to remember a story thats happened to you (preferably funny) and tell her it, after you tell her it you've got many mini topics that can come from that. Like lets say you tell her a story about the time you fell off a water slide at a water park and ate shit. After that conversation you can ask her like" you ever been to the water park?" "Oh you havent?" "We can go if you want "

    That was just an example but my point is talk about a random story or something, do what you gotta do just do not let it go bland


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