What's wrong with people?

My ex boyfriend taught me to be more distrusting of people then I already was.

He claimed to be half black and I believed him. I met his parents and they're his biological white parents.

It turns out he really only liked white blonde women. I was pissed off because the white girl he fawns over is fake af. She copies the features of black women and gets praised for it.

I totally hated him after that. How do you like about something so stupid?

He purposely would say mean shit to mr then label me the crazy aggressive ex... As if. I'm not aggressive at all. But what would I expect an ignorant, lying and racist white POS to think.

I'd never purposely hurt anyone ever.

He would tell people OUR fucking personal business behind my back. Like, why? For attention? How can you disrespect me for no reason but respect Instagram whores?

How can you make fun of your girlfriend for having good morals?

I will never date again.


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  • Just one bad example. No biggie. Also u wanna date?

  • Some people are great the rest I haven't figured out if it's the water or something wrong with them


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