What does it mean when a girl puts on a childish/babyish tone of voice around me?

A couple of months ago I asked out a girl and she said maybe. I took it as a rejection and didn’t mention it again. Thereafter things became slightly awkward to the point where we’d still laugh and converse as before but there was a sense of avoidance on both parts.

A few weeks ago, i noticed she started viewing my statuses on social media, this hadn’t happened before.

Today, i saw her after a month and she was the first to initiate conversation and started talking to me in a soft babyish childish tone of voice. She sat beside me, closer than usual, laughed at all my jokes and from the corner of my eye I could see she was starting at me and gave attention to everything we were conversing about.

I don’t know what to make of all this? Does she have feelings for me? Did she miss me? What could it be?


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  • Usually girls try to be cute and submissive by doing that. It means she is trying to be attractive for you.
    Yes its a good sign, definetely ask her out on a date. Just from the things you have told me i can tell she is interested.

    I actually dont understand why you need someone to tell you that. isn't it obvious by her behaviour.
    I know you are confused because she was distant at first, but what you have to understand with girls, for the rest of your life, is that they change their mind in a blink of a second. Dont think too much of it, usually there is no logical reasoning behind it, so just accept it as it is and be happy about it

  • its a fucking turn of when women do that and they legit think its cute, women these days smh

  • I dont know about the bouncer but she likes you


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