Does He Like Me? What Do I Do?

Ok, so, I am in a charity teen board (with high schoolers). I, myself, am a senior, and the guy I like is also a senior. I've known him for a year but since the charity meetings are only once a month I've really only seen him about 11-13 times, and because he goes to the all boys school which is joint with my all girls school, I don't see him at school, as our schools are basically not entirely conjoined. I only started liking him a month ago and when I realized I was so frazzled and confused, I told my closest friends. After telling my guy friend who goes to school with him, he told his friend that I have a little crush on his friend (my crush), and my guy friend showed my crush's friend my social media. My crush's friend said my crush would be "happy to hear about this" and said I was "out of his league" (though it doesn't matter to me as I like my crush for genuine reasons and for his kindness, wisdom, humor, maturity, etc"). So by this time my crush should know I like him, but who really knows. Anyhow, in this past week, I started 2 conversations with him. One ended pretty briefly since it was only about one topic and since his replies weren't short, the second went on for a bit, but also ended. He is quite dry. But, he did ask me TWICE when the next meeting was for the teen board (which is odd since he's the president and obviously knows when the dates are), so I felt as if he was trying to make small talk, but both times he asked, he replied with "thanks" and the second time, didn't reply to my reply, soooo... I guess he wasn't starting small talk? My friends and family thinks he likes me but he's scared to talk to me and doesn't know what to do just as I don't know what to do, but my confidence isn't the highest, so I feel as if this isn't the case. I'm not sure how to get close to him, and I'm not sure if he feels the way I do. I have no idea what to do at this point. Major help needed lol.


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  • It sounds like everyone but him is saying he likes you

    So you dont know of he likes you. Maybe not. Who knows.

    And he probably just isn't good at texting.

    Im not saying he doesn't like you but untill he himself says he likes you. Dont think to far ahead

    • my guy friend once again did something without asking me; he told him today that I like him, yet of course he already knew, as his friend told him. He said he has to think about it, he's still getting over a girl from the summer, its not that he doesn't think I'm attractive, its not that he's not interested, but he needs time. It sounds like an excuse to me.

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    • Apparently he didn't say its not that he's not interested nor that he doesn't fine me attractive, my guy friend just told me thats what he got from it, really the convo went like this:
      guy friend: my friend has a little crush on you
      crush: oh I see her this weekend for a meeting
      guy friend: oh, so you know her?
      crush: yeah she's on the charity thing I'm in
      guy friend: well what do you think about her, because she's acting crazy and keeps talking about you
      crush: well, I'm still getting over a girl from this summer
      ... I think this is him rejecting me.. nicely.
      Let me go cry now

    • Yep maybe, don't forget the tissues

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  • Be waiting


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