What is position of indian girl in American dating?

I am moving to USA i know that indians are considered unattractive well people consider me very attractive in India please be completely honest i won't call you racist i just want to know my position in dating world in USA
  • Indian position is same as others minority example Asian black Latino middle Eastern etc
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  • Light skinned indians are more preferred
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  • Indian position is less than certain minority please tell me those minority name
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  • Indian position is better than certain minority please tell me their name
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  • Dark skinned indians are preferred
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  • I am an American and have been to India and have a number of Indian friends in the US. Curiously, all but one of my friends are male, and the female was born and raised in the US and is a friend of mine only through her husband.

    I have dated every major race except Indian. There are some very attractive Indian women, and others that are nice enough, but not very attractive. There seems to be a huge cultural divide that is hard to breach. It is just really hard to talk with them. It seems like Indian women don't want to date anyone who isn't Indian. That is very different than many East/SE Asian and African women who are eager to date white American guys.

    If you are approachable and good at conversation, you should be able to bridge the cultural gap.

    • Hey i am interested in all race and i am very good in conversation i just want to know my position in dating world and how attractive i would be considered there from my parents are also very liberal they won't mind if i ended up with a non indian guy

    • If you are approachable and pretty, I'd date you (PM me if you want).

      My point is that so few Indian women date non-Indians, there isn't enough data to rank them.

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  • Every individual here in the States has their own preference, some like lighter skinned people, others like darker skinned people etc... White people are no longer seen as superior by minorities, sure some of them might believe they live privileged lives but that in no way makes them viewed as superior. You'll be fine here, your English might be the only thing affecting your dating life.

    • Thanks actually after reading horrible racist comment about indians i was scared i am working on my accent and English

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  • You have nothing to worry about.
    There are plenty of South Asians in the United States and many Indian women either marry fellow Indians or, if not Indian, usually "white" guys. I've known both kinds of couples and I, as a white guy, was definitely interested in some Indian women for dating but they were already taken.

    • I am interested in all races including black east Asian Hispanic middle eastern white etc

  • Attractive Indians are generally seen as about the same as Latinas, with the unattractive Indians being seen as pretty undesirable. Most Indians and other Asians are generally seen as more desirable than other minorities though... at least by White and Black Men.

    • Am i on same level as east Asian and latina

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    • I am rajput

    • Yeah, you'll be good! Go easy on us, okay? We have to get our work to get done some times.

  • If you are considered very attractive then you should be fine, you're probably not gonna be considered as attractive as you were back home but you should still have a decent amount of guys interested in you.


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