Why middle Eastern are considered less attractive than latina even though they look almost similar?

Middle eastern look almost like latina many look more european than them is it because they are muslim do you think that they would have better position if they were christian


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  • I beg to differ. Middle Eastern women are qute beuatiful. Religion does not affect my opinion.

    • Well i know but everybody don't think like that i have seen both latina and middle Eastern they are considered less unattractive than Latino only because they are muslim many latina don't look like hot stereotypical latina like shakira

    • I hear you but I cannot relate to that sort of bigotry.
      Islam is not limited to the middle east. There are devout muslims of all races in all corners of the world.

    • Yes but majority of middle eastern are muslim

  • I will take a Persian over a Mexican most any day.

    • Well that's what i was saying according to me if they were christian or muslim were secular than they would have been considerd as attractive or more attractive than latina

    • I also value intelligence as an attractive trait, and at least in LA, Persians tend to be a lot better educated than Mexicans.

    • Very true even in mang middle Eastern countries they do far better than American even in subject like stem example iran

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  • Racism, islamaphobia more or less.


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  • Middle eastern countries don't look anything like Spanish countries and they are considered less attractive because they are filled with religious zealots that like to kill for sport.

    • Latin America means south america not Spanish so i was right it is because they are muslim according to me on average middle eastern are more attractive purely on physical basis but thanks for being honest

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    • It is many middle eastern countries are sadly they don't have best steorytype

    • Some of it is justified some of it isn't. Depends on the country, I wouldn't say they are all bad.

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