Girls who have specified height requirements for men, when do you measure them?

Girls on here are VERY opinionated on how they all deserve to only be approached by men that is the height they want him to be. At what point do you measure him? or do you use his driver's licence? every girl sets a height requirement, but shoes/hair/posture may affect his height and make it tough to eyeball.


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  • I walk around the street with my "you must be this tall to ride!" sign and if they fall under I don't speak to them

    LOL omg no I don't think any girl cares THAT much to actually measure... and if they do oh my god that bitch be crazy

  • Well, my "height requirement" is my own height or taller and it's enough to stand next to him to know it, I do not need to measure.

    • What he seems a little taller. Ut when his shoes are off he's shorter?

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    • To look at girls outside of tinder. Most women just want someone taller than themselves. Others do not care at all and a few (the super shallow ones) want someone over 6'.
      Since guys are in general taller than girls are, there should always be a few even shorter girls for every short guy out there. Without any operations...

    • So what entitles women to demand that? If a guy demands things like that he ends up alone, not rewarded

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  • They don't. Girls do not know what 5'10 looks like vs. 6'. If a girl is 5'3 every guy 5'8 and above looks tall to them. If a girl is 5'10, even a 6' guy doesn't look that tall.

    To put it a different way: Can you analyze how tall a person is without standing near them or somebody standing by them as a point of reference? I'm 5'10, which is barely above average, but many girls have said I'm "tall." I'm not tall, they are short.


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