Is your partner.. your strength or your weakness?

Is your partner.. your strength or weakness?
Or both?
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  • My weakness
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  • Well, both my strength and weakness, but strength wins out by a little bit. Oh, hi dear: I didn't know you were looking over my shoulder while I was typing - - - - - - ;- )

    • Can i ask how is your partner your strength and weakness?

    • My wife is honest about pointing out where I can improve (as am I with her), she loves and support our daughters and grandkids. But sometimes she can overdo that and short us on "our" time. (After you watch a video on Mark Gungor and the "difference between male and female brain" ), you will see how she takes the female brain to an extreme and sometimes. never. stops. talking. and. repeating.

    • As most things in life, the strong point of something is usually also its weak point. Examples: metal files or knives. Some can be very sharp, but, the sharper they are, the more brittle the metal becomes. Owning your own business: you own it and you get to keep all the profits, but, you also have to deal with all the problems and no one gives you a paid vacation.

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