Post dinner ideas?

I am taking my girlfriend out to dinner on her birthday, and I plan on having us dress up very nice (suit/ nice dress). What kind of things could we do after eating?
Would wine tasting be better before or after dinner? There’s a wine tasting place a short distance from where we are going to eat.


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  • It really depends on what's available in your area!

    If you're in the city, you could take a stroll through the nice part of town holding hands and enjoying the lights. Lit up bridges are one of my personal favorite spots.

    If you're by a beach, pack some beachwear and go... do what y'all do whether that be stargazing, swimming or getting it on.

    If you're in a more wooded, quiet type place then I recommend a bonfire and stargazing.

    Those are just some things I personally enjoy, don't cost a cent, and is private, special and romantic.


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  • Take your girlfriend out for a nice drive around town, go for a late night walk, steamy erotic massage or have sex


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  • Crash at a friend's house and pretend the last time they got drunk they scheduled a dinner date at their house.

    When they mention that they don't remember, tell them "Well why else would we be showing up dressed like this man?"


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