He asked for space... how long should I wait before I pull the plug?

Hey, so I’ve been seeing him for a month I know not very long... however, I talked to my ex and told my boyfriend straight away afterward because he and I made a rule no talking to ex’s. The issue here is that it was completely innocent and I was just being respectful to my ex since I helped get his life on track. I wasn’t the one who initiated it. I know I shouldn’t have talk to my ex because we made a promise... but my boyfriend is angry and doesn’t want me to talk to him at all until he’s ready... and like the issue here is that I think he might be trying to play around and just really wanted to break up with me to begin with cause he lost feelings... I know for sure that I won’t be the first to text cause he also need to know that I’m on the line. So, really how long should I wait befor I pull the plug.


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