Are couples who do this really in love with each other?

I think my sister is a Toxic relationship. Whenever her and boyfriend are into it, they both make subliminal post on Facebook. Letting everyone in on their business. “Something is gonna have to change or I’m just gonna have to be done.” Or “Boy I’m So glad I’m not the old me.” “Reconsidering a lot of shit.” “I’m over this relationship shit.” “I hate a nigga who act different around his homies.” Like is this what love is now a days lol?


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  • That certainly doesn't sound like love to me. I also think it's not very mature posting that kind of stuff in a public forum. If she has disagreements with her boyfriend she should discuss that privately with him or if she needs some advice, with someone in her family or a close friend, not in a public place.

    If she's that unhappy that often, I think she should end that relationship and find a better one.

  • Its pretty immature just a matter of time before it breaks


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