Dating a guy and he said this about his ex what would you think about him? Should I be worried?

He said his ex was crazy a psycho and that any girl that said hi to him she thought he slept with them. Also when they broke up his ex started sleeping around and used to blame him for everything after they split saying she was being used and that when she felt like shit she would go back to him.

This was years ago and last year she entered him life for a couple of months and he said it didn't end well.


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  • That's one of the reasons why you don't talk about your ex. If you are too nice, your date will think you still have feelings for her, if you are too mean, she will think you aren't over her and still hate her. You can loose by talking about an ex but not really win anything.

    My ex is a crazy psycho (while we were together I found out she had 2 stays in the nuthouse, had borderline, and was still seeing two psych...-ologists? -iatrists?) and she cheated on me, and I got told she started sleeping around after we broke up.
    Do you think I should tell someone I'm dating that my ex was crazy and sleeps around? No, I shouldn't.

    About him going back to her... men are stupid and get manipulated, but I still think he was really stupid to do that.

    So what exactly do you think you should be worried about? Him badmouthing an ex, him going back to her again or him being stupid? I don't see much to really worry about.

    • Sometimes I'm wondering if he messed her up so bad and bad her crazy and kept messing with her I don't know

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  • I would be scared from a crazy Psycho ex but I wouldn't mind dating him if he was really the one.


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  • If a woman said that, I'd be concerned however for a man? Not concerned, men don't generally make those claims unless their was a reason for it, they don't get sympathy for it or anything so they can't really use it in anyway.

  • considering one of my exes showed up to to my door at 4am after walking out in the cold, breaking into my building, and walking up 11 flights of stairs, id say there's nothing to be worried about. he's probably just telling you this because its a good story. i know i tell my story all the time because of how fucking crazy it is.


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