Why would a girl hide who she got a gift from? I gave it to her! Mixed signals?

I've written several questions about this girl and this happened now. Last weekend I gave a girl a small gift. It was a car air freshener in the form of something she likes. She really liked it. I asked her on a date a few weeks ago. But she said it wasn't a good time for her. She's dating someone but it's "complicated right now" and we could still be friends. Me and her hung out on Saturday and it almost felt like a date. I picked her up. We went to a store and ate dinner. Surprisingly she asked if I wanted to do something else. I thought that was going to be it. She looked up things to do. We ended up walking around some stores. It was pretty fun. As I dropped her off at her house I got out the car to help her find something she dropped. When she was ready to go she came up to me and gave me a hung and said "thanks for thinking of me" referring to the gift. I didn't expect her to give me a full hug. When I got home she texted me saying thank you and that she had a nice time. I don't know why she does that. Last time we hung out she did the same thing. Makes me feel like it means something. The next day she posted a picture of the car freshener I gave her on Instagram. She put "I'm so happy I got this air freshener" but she put no mention how or who she got it from. She just put the location of the store we went to. Why did she hide how she got it? What does that mean? Also I feel like I'm getting mixed signals and I don't know how to act on them. Should I ask if she's still dating someone? Or what's going on between us? Today she posted a picture of a event she went to and tagged a guy who I thought was her co worker but it might be the person she's dating. If it is just her co worker why didn't she put me on the post of the air freshener? We are friends after all right?


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  • Dude wake up.
    She still half in a relationship.
    "It's complicated" doesn't mean "We've broken up" Jeez.
    Put your dick in your pants and treat her as a friend.

    • Ok yeah I know. I'm not trying to put my dick anywhere. I'm asking why all the weirdness around me. If we are friends why act that way towards me. Why hide me? And yeah maybe I am wrong about the mixed signals but she knows I tried dating her why act like that. Hug, texts and commenting on my Instagram stories. Shouldn't she be like I should keep my distance so he doesn't think I'm interested? I don't know. Keep in mind that was only the second time we've hung out since we started talking again. She's an old friend from a while ago. Both times she's been the one to say "we should hang out". There are more details but it would be too long to keep saying.

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    • We have known each other for a long time but haven't spoken or hung out in a long time as well. We only recently started to talk again and hanging out. I guess it is naive, of both of us really, for thinking we could still be friends after that. I think it's possible that she may not be dating this person anymore. I had lunch with her recently and she was telling me about how she went to an event the day before. She was telling me how she went up to a guy and asked for his number. She then said that she hasn't talked to him and probably won't because he lives far away. I guess that could mean she's not dating anyone. I mean I guess it's worth a shot to try to move out of the friendzone.

    • She's telling you about other men shows me she not interested in you. I guess you could always try but if she's just coming into your life out of the blue then she definitely wants you for something. What that is, is for you to figure out lol

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