He's serious about me? Why?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months. My boyfriend is shy so things are going by slowly (not a bad thing) yesterday we hung out and took me out to eat. We were leaving and a girl got out of the car. He glances once then glanced again. He was looking at her? Or the cars? I'm not sure pretty sure it was her. She was beautiful. We were texting today and I asked him where he thinks our relationship is going. And he said "I want to be together forever. We make a good couple and we look good together" he drives in an hour to see me. And he's going to find a job once he gets his trucking license by me so he can see me more. Is he a good guy? (It took us 2 months to kiss) I really love him. Do I even worry about him glancing at that girl twice if that's who he looked at?
I met his family and friends too. He walks up to the door to get me.
He even started to talk about kids.


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  • You know, people glance for different reasons. It doesn't exactly mean he was checking her out. Like for instance, sometimes I glance at girls to think, "Yeah, she looks like a bitch. I'm glad I have my girlfriend instead of having to resort to getting girls like her" kind of thing. Like seriously, I look at girls and be like, "My girlfriend is better".

    • Oh interesting!
      Does he seem pretty serious about me?

    • Well yeah. If he doesn't take advantage and seems like he's actually trying for his goals, he seems pretty serious. Like if a man pushes for something, they will probably use his girlfriend as motivation like a "do it for her" kind of thing if he's serious.

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