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I’ve given up. While I don’t think sex matters in a relationship women care a lot about it. And I have a pretty bad penis insecurity, so obviously my ‘value’ to women is less.
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  • I'm confused. Your value to women is less because you are insecure so you won't have sex or you believe your value to women is less because of your size? Is the size the issue, and that makes you think no one will be attracted, or is the penis insecurity an issue so you don't feel comfortable having sex?

    • Not comfortable havin sex because women all think that my size sucks. So would probably regret ever talking to me. When there’s much better out there

    • Women say "your size sucks" or this is what you're imagining women would say?

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  • Nope never found it and been single for all my life, but still Searching

  • Not really as of now.

  • I have found it multiple times (three times, to be exact) and for one reason or another, it never worked out long term.

    I haven't stopped looking, though...

    • I voted, "Yes, I am.".

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