Does he like me or does he use me to fill the void in his life after his breakup?

I met this guy on Bumble, we quite hit it off over texts for 2 days then I asked him out. We agreed on a date a week beyond due to busy schedules. One date on a Friday night turned out to be 3 day date full of fun, when he asked if I wanna hang out the next day every time. We didn't have sex, just kisses and cuddles, did some fun stuff, hiking, cooking, playing bowling and pool and scrabble, watching movies. I feel like we've known each other for a long time. Have never felt this comfortable before.

Then we had this short convo of his last breakup which was about 2 months ago the girl who moved in with him across country left him, he said he felt relieved cuz they were not right for each other, she was unemployed and not much to offer with and the relationship was about a year.

He asked me out again if i wanna hang out, try a new restaurant immediately after i left at the end of third day, and also said he is going to buy two tickets for a concert which is 2 hours drive (our fave band) for both of us if i wanna join (three weekends from now). I said sure, we made plans all over this weekend, and next weekends. He always pays when we go out (even though i many times offered to split and tried to pay). He always holds the door, picks me up (even though I say i can drive), he always opens the car's door before i jump in. Like many small chivalrous stuff. He always promises to text the next day after work and always always immediately after his shift ends he texts, and we always talk like high school kids for 6-7 hours straight over the phone having fun that i wanna hang up and he is like noooo.

The thing is i am not sure if it is too soon for him to date someone. If he likes me or if he fills the void left in his life after this girl left and moved back to the west coast (we are in east coast). How to understand if he is sincere or not? Please some advice and help me to figure out his real intentions. Thanks.


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