Person I know in real life and am attracted to matched me on tinder, but then unmatched me... what does this mean?

So I know this person but not too well. Someone I'm very attracted to. We matched the other night on tinder, but I've never really matched with someone I know in person so I just set it aside and went back to what I was working on. This morning I remembered and went to message her but she had unmatched me?

Does this mean that she didn't want me to message her, or maybe it was because I didn't message her? We're on opposite sides of a pretty bad social situation (around a friends' breakup).


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  • It's most likely a "not now. Maybe if this stuff is sorted out, but I'm angry at him RN and can't violate the NAP."

  • It is difficult to surmise. If this is a meaningful enough relationship you should ask her.

    • i dont know her that well, she's in my broad social circle though

    • I see. In that case, I agree with you that she nixed the relationship. She did not inform you why because you are not yet meaningful enough to her. Perhaps she has moved in a different life direction and quit tinder. You may be able to still salvage things if you reach out to her.

    • Yeah that makes sense lol

  • Well match her back and try if not then you’ll know for sure. If she’s not down keep trying till you find someone who is.


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