This Guy Kissed Me. Does It Mean He Likes Me?

OK so this guy and I have been... not really friends but we hang in the same group and have a lot of mutual friends. Last year during a play we were both in, him on stage me in tech., there was this one day where we were flirting all day and at the end of play practice he tried to kiss me. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship so I kinda avoided it. After that we really never talked and kinda avoided each other.

Then this year during ThesCon, he, my best friend and I were all hanging out in my hotel room. We decided we wanted to lie down and so we all climbed on to the bed and curled up with each other. None of us though anything of it because our theater troupe does this all the time, but after a while we were joking around and my friend said something about me and the guy kissing. He leaned over to her said not yet and then kissed me. We kissed for a little bit.

After we stopped, all three of us talked about it and realized that we had kinda made a mistake, and not to mention it except between the three of us. But I've liked him for a while and he mentioned that he kinda likes me but likes another girl as well. I don't know what to do?! Please Help!

Since we returned to school after Christmas break, things have been really confusing. The first day back he made a point of coming up and hugging me, but besides that things have been mixed. Some days he talks to me like normal, others I don't exist.
Ok so another question for y'all. One of my friends who I told about the incident suggest sitting down and talking to him about it, but I'm afraid if I do things might get worse. So what's your opinion?
Just found out he's dating my friend so never mind...
No longer dating my friend, but its been weird. We don't really talk anymore, but almost every class, I look up and see him looking at me.


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  • I'm not in the habit of kissing women I don't like. Does that happen to you a lot? Thespian Conference is in Georgia right?

    • Well this one was in Colorado. The location changes every year.

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    • I trust people 100% in the beginning and it goes lower if they give me reasons to doubt them. I'm not gullible though.

      I'm sorry that your trust was violated in the previous relationship. I hope you find better people to rely on in the future and not let it cause a problem. Try and figure out why they did what they did. Write the person a letter and burn it when you are done hopefully that will unburden your heart. Let it go but never forget.

    • Thanks for the advice!

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  • Obviously he likes you, unless he happened to be insanely drunk or high at the time. If he preferred the other girl over you, he would not have kissed you.


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  • Maybe he does like you, but has a girlfriend already? That could be the case if he said "I like another girl too" :\

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