He never replies to my texts or messages?

Its not like there's hundreds from me. I rarely send texts to anyone.

My friend, who's a photographer, has called me and him Edward and Bella for a while now; she wants to do a set, with us two playing them two. That’s how we swapped numbers ages ago. He'd actually put me in as Bella. He answered my texts for a little while; it was mostly me trying to find him to walk home after school.

There was one text hat really threw me, back in September. It read 'Hey my sexy wife ;) xx' I think it was days before I replied. I honestly wouldn’t know how to reply, even now!

He asked me out long before that; I said no and explained to him about the difficult situation with my (then) boyfriend. He said he understood. (I made sure I said it was the *only* reason) Yeah. I like him.

Anywho. He doesn’t reply to any messages I’ve sent to him! I make icons on lj. I specifically made some for him, sent the link …aaaaand nadda.

In my last question I said I asked him to go to the cinema. Its not exactly a girls film so none of my girl friends really want to know. He hasn't replied even though he's been on FB twice since I sent the message.

Why could this be?


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  • As harsh as it sounds, he has probably lost interest.

    It's rude that he hasn't had the decency to reply especially if he has been on FB twice.

    I would hold back from sending any more messages and wait for him to contact you now.

    • I would've already thought he lost interest, but the thing is, he still walks to and from school with me, he still sits with me at lunch.

      With the icons, they were Red Dwarf and he loves that show to peices. He stole my magazine once because there was about an inch of writing about one of the actors. That was when he found out I was ticklish. And he still does tickle me sometimes-when we're not both buried in our books. (We're an odd sight in the school library)

    • Who knows then, maybe there's a genuine reason like no credit on his phone to reply?

      Try suggesting that the 2 of you have a "Ref Dwarf" day when you're off school next :)

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