He never replies to my texts or messages?

Its not like there's hundreds from me. I rarely send texts to anyone.

My friend, who's a photographer, has called me and him Edward and Bella for a while now; she wants to do a set, with us two playing them two. That’s how we swapped numbers ages ago. He'd actually put me in as Bella. He answered my texts for a little while; it was mostly me trying to find him to walk home after school.

There was one text hat really threw me, back in September. It read 'Hey my sexy wife ;) xx' I think it was days before I replied. I honestly wouldn’t know how to reply, even now!

He asked me out long before that; I said no and explained to him about the difficult situation with my (then) boyfriend. He said he understood. (I made sure I said it was the *only* reason) Yeah. I like him.

Anywho. He doesn’t reply to any messages I’ve sent to him! I make icons on lj. I specifically made some for him, sent the link …aaaaand nadda.

In my last question I said I asked him to go to the cinema. Its not exactly a girls film so none of my girl friends really want to know. He hasn't replied even though he's been on FB twice since I sent the message.

Why could this be?
He never replies to my texts or messages?
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