Should I get back together with him?

We were seeing each other a couple of months ago but never got the chance to make it official because right when we were getting ready to go on our first date he had to leave for a couple of months on deployment. He is like a shy kind of (i don't want to hurt anyone) kind of guy so he never told me that he had to leave and im not going to lie i was pissed because i thought that he stood me up and that he did not want to be with me but i found out later from a friend what was going on with him. We met once and he told me that he was really nervous about meeting me because i was so pretty and telling me that he really liked me and that he wanted to kiss me cause i was so pretty and all this other stuff. He really is a sweet guy and i really do like him. SO he texted me a week ago letting me know that he was back and that it had been a long time since we had talked and that he couldnt stop thinking of me but it's like having a conversation with him is like explaining to a kids where babies come from. He is socially awkward and if he is feeling something he will tell you but he bases the conversation on what the other person says so if i tell him "Ok or Wow" he will think im not trying to talk to him or im upset and stop talking and i will have to message him and change my response in order for him to talk to me again. If he really likes me he tells me how he feels that what i like about him that he doesn't hold anything back. He wants to start things where they left off but im not sure if i should cause what if he leaves again? Advice?


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  • He sounds like an emotional kind of guy

    This is what you do. Go on a date with him and if he asks you out you ask him if he's gonna have to leave again cause you dont wanna be in a long distance relationship. And then you tell him that he needs to be more vocal and communicate with you. Like you didn't like how he just left for deployment and didn't tell you nothing. So both of you are always on the same page.

    Relationships dont work with one pulling the weight. It needs to be balanced

    It seems like you both like eachother so just give him a chance. But tell him what i told you


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