How to make more guy friends in college?

I just moved to a new state and town all by myself and started college a few days ago. I have no friends and I know nobody here. Though it’s nice to be independent, I’m also quite lonely. I want to make more friends, and not just female friends- I want to get to know guys too, which I’ve never really had much experience doing in the past and as a result I haven’t been in any serious relationships or even gone on many dates. But here in college everyone seems so much more open to making new friends and dating each other, and I want to experience that too but I just don’t have a natural ability to make friends effortlessly and people tend to not come up and talk to me or sit with me and when I’ve tried to go talk to people and sit with people, particularly with the guys, it doesn’t go anywhere and it’s really disappointing. I feel like I must be ugly or something because it’s been almost a week of college now and people are starting to create their groups of friends and I’m not part of any of them. I’m still on my own. I’ve tried to fake being confident and get out of my comfort zone and I’ve been really nice to everyone and smiled a lot but I just don’t know what else I can do at this point..


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  • Just talk to People. Start with classmates. Join Clubs. Go to some parties.


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