Girls, Are these the reasons that girls don't really like nice guys?

Do you agree with these reasons?


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  • Eeeeh this video confused me.

    Basically it means to be yourself, which is right! I’m annoyed with anyone, even friends, who won’t be themselves and I consider that fake.

    Yeah don’t spend too much on a girl. If we just started dating and you buy me a new phone or watch or something, I’m gonna feel it’s weired or too much and I’ll be confused.

    But define nice?

    My last boyfriend was nice! He was himself and nice but I left because I just felt I couldn’t vibe with him. He liked different things than I did and I kinda got annoyed with some of those things. But that’s not his fault though 😐 personality counts too lol and he was a hottie!

    My current boyfriend is sweet to me! He’s taken me out on food drives when he didn’t want to (I do the same for him so it’s fine lol we love each other) but he’s also himself. I relate to somethings and somethings I don’t. I learn from him. There was a point in time though that he was not super nice and it only made me want to get away from him

    • He stopped and finally heard me out. We learned to communicate. If he has a problem with something, he will talk to me... not just take it all, cause I know I’m not perfect.

      Some girls are jerks too though ya know? I had a friend who left her one year boyfriend for another guy... it happens but what made her a bitch was that she flirted with that guy at her birthday party which her boyfriend threw her. So take into account, some girls can be jerks

      But it doesn’t mean there aren’t sweet girls either. I’m one of them. I hate when there’s a manipulative person in a relationship or something. Like another friend had gone in a date with a guy to get free food that one day and that guy was led on... some do it unintentionally too though. I use to be afraid of telling guys the truth so I’d say something like “I can’t date you right now caus I’m too young to date” my no longer guy friend asked me out when I was 18

      Long story short, girls like a guy with a personality. Pursue in something

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    • Oh yeah and don’t be too obsessed with her either xD
      That can be a turn off. Keep your hobbies but do be there for her when she needs it. I see through it when guys only want sex and don’t really want to be with you. I don’t like those. Ask her out on a date... be interested but not obsessed.

      There’s also sorta different standards for what girls and guys might find weired
      When I first started dating my boyfriend, I openly admitted to stalking his Instagram. He said “oh cool me too. I would’ve told you but I probably would’ve come off as weired.” Which he wasn’t wrong 😂

      Also I’m a fairly cute girl (guys often tell me I’m cut or hot). So this advice comes from a girl who knows a tony but about it. I mean it when I say personality matters. My last boyfriend had abs and was working out. He was hot... my current boyfriend is kinda chubby but cute😍but I’m way more in love with my current. That’s because he’s himself, I get along with him and just adore him. He’s nit a jerk he’s not

    • Afraid to give his own opinion. Soooo yeah that’s it

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