Would you say this to a guy you like?

I asked a girl who I took out for the first time , if she honestly saw us ever being more than friends and she said tbh she’s looking for someone but not rushing and if it happens for us it happens and if not then...

she said this cause “it takes her awhile to see someone like that” but when I subtly hinted that I knew she rejected me (or took it that way) she laughed and said I’m not saying that

so if she kinda likes me or whatever why would she tell me that and make things hella complicated?


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  • Your first conclusion sounds right. Her follow up reaction may have been to diffuse an awkward situation or spare your feelings. It does not matter either way. Your options are still to pursue patiently or walk away.

    • True but why do you think she would say that in the first place?

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    • But thanks anyway

    • I am sorry Asker. I will rephrase. In my opinion, you have a chance and her answer is a maybe. You meet her standards and she is evaluating you for the job. However, I also believe you are not her top choice. She is young enough that she can hold out for the man she envisions. You must, therefore, decide how you want to approach the situation - either just friends, play it casual, forget her, pursue her. In many instances like yours, the man (you) can eventually win over a girl like this. What you are up against is time and her fictional dream man. You have to win her over before a man that is close to the dream man description enters her life. Is that okay with you? If yes, pursue. If not, choose a different option.

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  • It means she's catching some feeling for you but she's not falling in love yet. For now, she don't want to rush but go with the flow to see whether if she going to fall for you or not. It is like the saying that if you guy are meant to be then you guys with end up together no matter what, if not meant to be then you guys will not be together.

  • Cause she wants to twist up your mind to think she doesn’t like when she really does I don’t know ask her

    • Lol would you say that to a guy u like? by the way I barely started talking to her so I don't know if that has something to do with her response?

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    • And thought he like me more

    • I don’t know I’m just confused the way you text doesn’t make sense to me I’m sorry I can’t help

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