Should I not trust my girlfriend if she had sex with another guy when we first met?

It was really strange I met this girl. Because she needed help with something so I helped her. I later called her to meet again but she was too busy with another guy. After about four days I and her met her again and I kissed her. She was cold and it was horrible. She then went back to the other guys house. Next week we found out we are like best friends. We have been dating almost a year now. she messaged him but now she ceased contact, a couple months ago. I’m still crushed because I was her second choice. I’m thinking about breaking up with her. We both think we are special for each other. But I just feel so bad and can’t give my full self to her because I found out.


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  • She’s clearly wasting your time, practically cheating. Second choice? Nah fuck that get rid of her

  • Run, rabbit, run!


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