Have a girl I know (cousin’s friend) that I’d like to get to know better. Had this idea of messaging her a new question every Monday. Cute or not?

My female cousin has this friend that I’ve seen/gotten to hang out with a handful of times over the last year. Obviously, I’m taken by her. Thing is, I am majorly fat and have been losing weight hard, like 100+ pounds over the last year. Probably within another year and another 100 will I be at a good healthy place. Anyway, she knows I like her and via Snapchat messaging around New Years, in the kindest way, said that she was working on herself after a past breakup where she was cheated on and not looking for a relationship right now. Then even said that in her opinion romance can take time and she believes that if it’s worth it, sometimes it takes patience. I essentially took this as her saying “not interested now, but who knows about the future”. Definitely could’ve interpreted that wrong. Since, we’ve just been social media friends with the occasional brief chat.

Anyway, fast forward to two weeks ago. My cousin (her friend) and I share a birthday, so our families do a joint party. She came. We talked throughout and had fun. Went as a big group of family and friends to Dave & Busters where she and I and my cousin and her husband kinda broke off and spent two hours walking, talking, and playing. This was easily the most time I’ve spent with her and it seemed to go very well.

Now I still am working on myself and know I am not relationship ready for her, but I’d like to become closer while I work on it. Had this idea of maybe messaging her every Monday morning and calling it in the message something cheesy like “MMQ” (Monday morning question). Just a simple text each time. “When you were a kid, what did you want to be?” “What is your ideal chill like?” “What is the earliest thing you can remember?” “What’s your favorite color?” Some in depth, some fun, some simply... Any little brief talk that incites, then usually end with a simple have a good day. And that’s it.

Does this sound like something cute you’d be into? Too weird? Help!


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